Sam and Tim Nowak are: highly recommended, dependable, on schedule, moderately priced, personable, detail oriented, knowledgeable and professional contractors. 

That sums up our wonderful experience we had remodeling our house. We are told many horror stories about other contractors and considered moving instead of adding on. Boy, were we happy with all aspects of our addition. They came in on budged, ahead of time, and made the house look like it was designed and built from the ground up, not just an addition. We added about 1,000 square feet and are happy with every inch of craftsmanship. 

We spoke with Sam for about 3 months, before construction, going over all options, prices, and aspects of the job. Once they started there were no delays because all questions were answered beforehand. 

We dealt with Tim during the construction phase and his attention to detail was impressive. He cared as much about my house as I did. We have no complaints and highly recommend Sam Nowak and Sons for all of your construction needs. 

Greg & Mandy Born 

Sam Nowak and Sons should be the choice for all your construction projects. We hired them for a fairly large room addition and have not been disappointed. Their attention to detail, with all aspects of the project, has been simply remarkable. Their crews are professional and polite. Sam Nowak leaves no guessing with your project scheduling. It is impeccable. The open communication, very important, with this company leaves nothing to be desired. I am absolutely satisfied with Sam Nowak and Sons. If there were a rating above 5 stars I would give it. 

​Bill Gould

Our ailing relative required care and we wanted to provide it for her in our home. That meant a major renovation which was complicated by the fact that we had to wait for funding on the sale of a home. Sam Nowak & Sons came to the rescue. They did everything possible to make this difficult transition a happy experience even to the point of arranging affordable payments until escrow closed. Their caring made our caring that much easier. We heartily recommend them. 

Dale & Becky Garcia

Thank you for all your hard work on our addition. What a nice group of people you have working with you. Everyone was so friendly and professional. We were so impressed with how the whole project went like clock work. 

Wendy Velasco

We hired Sam Nowak & Sons to remodel our bathroom. They did a beautiful job, we are very happy with the results. Tim made suggestions on different things to do. We were so glad, because we would have never thought of it and it is beautiful. Every person that came in to our home was professional, friendly, trusting, and did a great job. When the workers left for the day, the always cleaned up and never left anything a mess. We gave Sam and Tim Nowak a key to our house which they put into a key lock box. So whichever job was being done that day the person had access to the house. YOU CAN TRUST EVERY PERSON THAT CAME INTO OUR HOUSE. Our bathroom is more BEAUTIFUL THATN WE EVER IMAGINED. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND Sam Nowak & Sons. Thank you Sam & Tim. 

​Robert & Linda McCabe

It's been a pleasure! We told Sam Nowak & Sons what we wanted and they took it from the design stage through the completed project. Every night the job site was cleaned of debris. The job was completed on time and on budget. We happily recommend them to you.

William & Kathy Keitel 

Sam Nowak & Sons Construction...what can I say but I would hire them again in a heartbeat...I have been working with the company for over a year to add 700 square feet to our home...I spoke to the Mayor, and other City Officials that have worked with the father-son team and they all told me that I would be happy with the results. It is true that they are not the least out there, but then again my home is wonderfully constructed and the work of the addition looks as if it has been part of the home since it was originally built. The tradesmen that come on the job are very neat, and hard workers, there is the attitude of achieving my goal with exceeded expectations. 

Whenever I had a concern about anything, I MEAN ANYTHING, Sam or Tim were right on the phone if not in person addressing the situation no matter how large or small. If it was important to me, the it was important to them. If you are looking for someone to come into your home and make small changes or build something totally new, this is the construction company for you. They are GREAT.

On a side note I spoke to a person that hired someone else and now wishes they had hired Sam Nowak & Sons because the work that was done by  the other contractor they did hire has to be redone at an additional cost. Sam & his team wold have never left a job with a customer that UN-happy - at least that is my experience. This team is a family owned and operated company and when they are working your job it is as if they are working on a family members home. With care, attention to details, respect for your property, your neighbors, and all that is concerned, Sam Nowak & Sons are a great team to work with.Thanks to you all. 

Trish Gutierrez

In just about 90 days from the start of the job, we had a lovely new rom and a 35 year old home that looked brand new. At the outset, Sam Nowak & Sons gave us what we considered a very reasonable cost, but combining his cost with the excellent job that they and their sub-contractors did for us, we consider it a real bargain. We never hesitate to recommend them. We feel Sam Nowak & Sons will always do an excellent job at a fair price. 

George W. Brusher

We are delighted with our remodeling experience. Sam Nowak & Sons Construction is a highly professional company. We told them what we wanted and they knew exactly where to find the custom items we had in mind. If an item was out of stock they searched until they found it. 

The skilled craftsman worked to perfection. They ask us exactly where we wanted every cabinet, towel bar, light, and mirror. They would hold the item up to the wall and make sure that it is where we wanted it installed. The blueprints showed the placement of items, but we had the choice of changing locations. "Where exactly would you like this installed" gave us options we could visualize in that room. The rooms were completed better than we could have done if we had the knowledge and skills. 

Everyone showed up on time and ready to work as scheduled. Care was taken to protect the wood floors and walls. Construction debris was cleaned up and hauled away after each working day. Great phone communication. Tim Nowak was always available to answer any questions. He showed up every working day to check on the building progress. 

Thirty nine years ago Sam Nowak built onto our house. We have had many compliments on our home over the years. We are so fortunate to be able to hire Sam Nowak & Sons after his four decades in business. We are so pleased with the renovation results. Than you Sam and Tim for our comfortable home. 

Warren & Barbara Pelnarsch

Mr. Sam Nowak, of Casa-Loma Construction Co., started and completed a room addition to our home last year, the summer of 1970. 

We feel that we made the correct selection from five contractors, estimating the job. Mr. Nowak's work was very pleasing and satisfactory. It represents a high degree of quality. The work was finished in less time than the completion date allowed and there were no "ups and downs" financially. 

We are happy to have the opporitunity to recommend Mr. Nowak to anyone. We feel that he will satisfy any customer that he does business with. 

​Earl C. Smith

​​On Feb 25, 1987, we contracted with Sam Nowak and Sons to build a family room and enlarge a bedroom. Sam drew up the plans and specifications to meet our needs. He was very helpful in answering the many questions we had and offering us many ideas and options. 

Due to the fact that our daughters wedding date was rapidly approaching, we were quite pressed for time. Sam assured us that we had nothing to worry about. Much to our delight, the construction was completed one week ahead of the scheduled completion date, even though an unforeseen rerouting of a gas line had to be included. 

I don't think I can say enough about the Nowak boys work. They cleaned before they left every day and took care of several odd jobs for us. 

I will continue to recommend Sam Nowak and Sons. It was a real pleasure doing business with them. 

​Louis R. Priore

Dear Sam...When my wife and I decided that we would like to expand our home we thought of many possibilities. From moving to a different neighborhood, city and even out of state. After much thought and tribulation we decided that it would be in our best interest to stay where we are and expand. 

We began our search the old fashioned way and opened the yellow pages...That was certainly an experience...we had builders stop by and for each one 12 in all they had some sort of issues with themselves or the company for which they were supposed to represent. Each one was invited into the home and a full detail of our vision was laid out for them. Some gave an instant quote some within hours and some never called back at all. Needless to say the frustration of it all was beginning to build. 

Then through the grapevine we heard of an old school builder who has been around the same area for 40 years. Sam...that builder was you, here is our experience: 

We invited you to our home on a set time and a set date. You were there just like you said you would be. You came in and sat down at the kitchen table and acted like you had been to the house on several occasions. You listened to our wants and needs. You fully understood the dynamics of what my wife and I were looking for. After almost 2 hours you left with a smile on your face and said you would have an estimate for us within a few days. 

Like clock work you called, made an appointment and again you were right on time. You brought preliminary drawings along with a list of recommendations of projects you have done in the past. After about an hour you left again with a smile on your face. 

My wife and I laid out the drawings and began to dream...we talked about it in detail of expenses and sacrifices that would need to take place to make this happen. We followed up on the recommendations and were eternally grateful we signed an agreement and supplied a minimal downpayment and then got out of the way. 

During our first visit you were very upfront on the demolition that would take place in the beginning stages. That couldn't have been more truthful. From start to finish you were true to your word. The staff that you employ certainly does you justice. We really enjoyed the fact of the family owned business managed by your son, Tim, what a character he is, his charm and wit make you feel right at ease while he is destroying your home.  

Then, like magic it all starts to come together and our dreams are becoming reality. Through each stage of our project we as a family of 5 lived in our kitchen going to school, doing homework, and everyday living...from the kitchen. Those are a few of the sacrifices that we as a family made to have such a beautiful home today. 

So...just a few things that stood out in our mind during the project: 

Trash clean up every day, dump run at least once a week and more if needed. The crew on time everyday. The family feel that the crew had and the professionalism that they exuded. A plotted out schedule, supplied by you, that would keep us informed what the next stage was. A divided payment plan from start to finish. 

Let me just say that you were not only the cheapest builder, actually just passed mid-point, however you are a man of his word and your word was worth every penny. As in every job there were ups and downs...for us only one thing that did quite go as planned...all the what a memorable and fun experience. 

We thank you, Sam, from the bottom of our hearts for turning our single story average home into a two story thing of beauty. My compliments to you and your staff.

Scott Dulken